Massage therapy for foot ankle pain

Massage Therapy for Foot & Ankle Pain

Massage around the ankle, calf and shin muscles can be used to help reduce swelling along with hydrotherapy.

Massage therapy in conjunction with Cupping Therapy can be effective in treating foot and ankle pain. As pain subsides, deeper techniques can be incorporated to help loosen the calf and shin muscles and improve range of motion.

There is a thick connective tissue that runs the entire length of the bottom of the human foot. It starts on the five toes and extends to the bottom of the heel. This tissue is known as the plantar fascia. For example, runners land on the heels of the feet and then raise themselves on the toes before shifting the weight onto the other foot. This may cause the plantar fascia to come under strain and when the strain becomes too much, the plantar fascia is likely to tear. Even if there is no tearing the strain can be felt and may be an indication of plantar fasciitis.

Deep Tissue massage is a technique that concentrates on the deeper muscle tissues and can help to release muscle tension on the bottom of the feet.  Deep Tissue massage along with Cupping Therapy loosens the muscle tissues in the feet and ensures proper circulation of blood and oxygen which may be affected by plantar fasciitis.

Massage therapists do not diagnose medical conditions nor is this information intended to replace medical counsel. It is always advised to consult your physician first when you are seeking pain relief as there are many conditions with similar symptoms and some of them are life threatening and require medical attention.

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Fortunately, massage and cupping therapy are great treatments for plantar fasciitis, increasing circulation and loosening up connective tissue.

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