Shoulder Pain

Massage therapy is an excellent way to relieve pain or discomfort in your neck and shoulders, especially that “stabbing” pain people sometimes experience between their shoulder blades.

Relieve Strain

5 Tips for Relieving Strain at Your Desk

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Try to do many simple stretches throughout the day. Stretching helps maintain a greater range-of-motion. “Motion is lotion for your joints!”

What is Included During my Massage Session?

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A massage session at Essential Body Wellness is truly customized to ensure every massage session you receive meets and/or exceeds your expectations.

5 Tips to Help Your Computer Posture

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If you work at a computer, you may want to look at your workspace and use these suggestions to reduce pain and tension in your neck and shoulders.

Massage therapy for shoulder pain

Massage Therapy for Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder pain can be caused by many different reasons. A major cause in this day and age is due to our posture while sitting at a computer for long periods of time.

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