Massage for wellness provides a comfortable & safe environment where you can relax, destress & rejuvenate from your hectic daily activities.

How to fall asleep

How to Fall Asleep in Under 1 Minute

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Is it hard for you to fall asleep? Sometimes it can be difficult to clear the clutter from our minds allowing sleep to come. There is a solution – try the 4-7-8 Breathing Technique!

Are you drinking enough water?

Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

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If you suffer from more than two of these signs you may not be drinking enough water. Grab a glass and get hydrated, now!

massage for power nap

5 Health Benefits of Taking a Power Nap

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It turns out that science is in favor of a power nap. If you feel fatigued, try adding a power nap to your routine.

Swedish Massage

Which type of massage is right for me? Swedish or Deep Tissue?

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If you are looking for overall relaxation and stress relief, Swedish massage is excellent for relieving tight muscles and to help promote overall relaxation.

What is Included During my Massage Session?

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A massage session at Essential Body Wellness is truly customized to ensure every massage session you receive meets and/or exceeds your expectations.

Can Massage Therapy Help Prevent a Cold or Flu?

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Massage therapy does wonders for the circulation and lymph systems in the body to help move harmful waste built-up in the body.

Massage therapy for wellness

Massage Therapy for Wellness

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Growing research supports the health benefits of massage therapy for conditions such as stress, headaches, sore hips, low-back pain and more.

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