Can Massage Help Prevent a Cold or Flu

Can Massage Therapy Help Prevent a Cold or Flu?

Massage therapy does wonders for the circulation and lymph systems in the body to help move harmful waste built-up in the body.

So, can massage therapy help prevent a cold or flu? Nothing is worse than suffering from a cold or the flu. Once you feel a tickle in your throat or the first sniffle of congestion, it’s probably too late. Symptoms of the flu or a cold can emerge 1 to 4 days after you’ve been exposed to the virus.


The key to staying on top of getting sick is linked closely with getting enough sleep. When your body is poorly rested you are more susceptible to illness because your mind and body are strained. Recent studies have shown that those who sleep fewer than 7 hours at night are almost 3 times more likely to develop a cold than those with 8 or more hours of sleep.

With massage as a part of your healthcare, catching up on sleep at night will come much more easily. Massage therapy is proven to reduce stress hormones such as cortisol and release endorphins. The body and mind become more relaxed after a massage.  This can help you quickly drift into a more restful sleep at night.


Massage does wonders for the circulation and lymph systems in the body. By increasing the movement of fluid, blood and lymph, the entire body is more efficient in removing harmful waste within the body.

Can Massage Prevent a Cold

We all know the frustration that comes with a cold or the flu – sinus pressure, sore throat, coughing, headache, etc. Before you get that run-down feeling, treat yourself to a massage and avoid a cold or flu altogether.

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Getting proper sleep along with massage therapy can help boost your immune system.

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