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5 Health Benefits of Taking a Power Nap

It turns out that science is in favor of a power nap. If you feel fatigued, try adding a power nap to your routine.

If you’re sleep deprived or just looking for a way to relax, you might be thinking about taking a power nap. Napping at the wrong time of day or for too long can backfire. Understand how to get the most out of a nap. Here are five benefits of taking a nap:

  1. Improves Cognitive Function
  2. May be Beneficial for Heart Health
  3. Helps Reduce Stress and Anxiety
  4. Fights Food Cravings
  5. Can Help Improve Physical Performance

Remember the following tips for taking a beneficial power nap:

  1. Get Comfortable
  2. Set the Temperature Low (Use a Blanket)
  3. Take an Afternoon “Siesta”
  4. Set a Timer

Focus on getting in the most comfortable position you can. It’s easier to fall asleep in a cool area. Many people find it beneficial to take an early afternoon nap. The power nap “sweet spot” seems to be anywhere from just 5 minutes up to about 45 minutes, depending on your needs. If you feel fatigued, try adding a power nap and to your routine!

Massage therapists do not diagnose medical conditions nor is this information intended to replace medical counsel. It is always advised to consult your physician first when you are seeking pain relief as there are many conditions with similar symptoms and some of them are life threatening and require medical attention.




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